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Five Commitments of Purpose

Making FIVE COMMITMENTS of Purpose

Countdown Campaign for a New Beginning

The Five Commitments

Each member of our church is encouraged to make Five Commitments that centers in the purposes for which we were created. To make all five of these commitments will result in a Complete Alignment of your life with God’s Plan for your future. By participating in this Countdown Campaign, your faith commitments will empower Leadership Initiatives designed to launch a new beginning for the Reseda Church.

In completing the Commitments of Purpose listed below, we offer you the option of doing so anonymously for any Faith Commitment you prefer to be confidential. Be sure you have read the article by Dr. Winrow on How To Make Faith Commitments of Purpose.

Click any of the commitments below to complete online commitment form:

Our Growth Campaign

After three weeks of prayer and periodic fasting, On January 31st, we will begin a six weeks Countdown Campaign to encourage full membership participation in making the Commitments of Purpose that pertains to their future. The aim of this campaign is to encourage each member to begin this new decade in complete alignment with God’s Purposes for their lives, thus, experience the power of a new beginning.

The Commitments of Purpose made by the membership will also empower Leadership Initiatives of Faith that will be announced at the beginning of the Countdown Campaign.