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The church has been commissioned by the Lord to make disciples. The first step is this process is to connect relationally.  The aim of fellowship is to membership in the Body of Christ. 

Unbelievers are introduced to the fellowship of the church body in missions through the process of making disciples.  A Life Group fellowship involves connecting relationally with prospective believers for the purpose of leading them to discover membership in the body of Christ, His church.

I'm New

At the Reseda church of Christ, we feel that it’s OUR responsibility to “clear the way” for you to come to church. We want you to be able to experience the great singing, encouraging messages, friendly people and enjoyable atmosphere that are a part of the Reseda church. And we know that your first time at a church, any church, brings up some questions. How do I get there… what should I wear… what’s available for my kids… what should I expect in church? Here is a quick look at what you can expect, based on what people see when they visit our church.

Here at the Reseda church of Christ, we’ll make sure the first face you see when you approach the church has a smile on it. Whether you need childcare or are looking for a place for your teens, a greeter will be nearby to help you get where you need to go.

We know that as a parent you need be sure that your children are in a SAFE learning environment. And we know that your children are looking for a FUN place to learn. We’ve invested a lot to make sure that both of these goals are reached. You’ll see that in the Bible Hour and Youth Worship ministries, and even more in the volunteers who work with your kids.

We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. So, dress casually and you’ll fit right in.

The offering is for those who are part of the RCOC family. Instead of wanting you to give something, we want you to get something!


The Primary Purpose of the Church is Worship.  Worship fulfills the first and greatest Commandment, which is to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.  Worship permeates the atmosphere of ministry at Reseda.  It is a constitutive aspect of every ministry meeting and church function. All ministries of the Reseda church are an extension of our worship.

The weekly corporate assembly brings the entire body together for one collective witness and celebration. This corporate worship assembly uses spirit-lifting congregational singing, multimedia, Acapella music, and a message that connects with people’s lives, the ageless wisdom of Scripture is presented in a dynamic, yet straight-forward way.

People who haven’t attended church, or for some reason have quit going to church, are often surprised at how meaningful these services are. In fact, the services are specifically designed for individuals checking out what it really means to have a relationship with God through the Son, Jesus Christ.

LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups serve the purpose of Ministry.  Along the continuum of the Member Development Process, LIFE Groups embody four of the five Purposes.  The ministry acrostic stands for Love, Involvement, Fellowship, and Edification

LIFE Groups are nurture groups with a ministry.  A LIFE Group meets twice per month for a ministry purpose and twice per month for group nurture.  The meetings are generally 90 minutes in duration.

The Vineyard Children's Ministry

It is our hearts desire to equip our children with a strong foundation to live a life aware of a powerful God they can trust with their lives, teaching them to love others like Christ and to honor Him with their daily choices. We partner with parents to be actively involved in their children’s spiritual growth.

Every Sunday morning at Reseda during worship, we provide a bible education programs geared to teach our Pre Kindergarten to Sixth graders called Seeders. Our Seeders are taught fun and exciting Bible-based lessons to nurture them into Christ.